Sunday, September 27, 2009

54 packs of moose burger...mmm good!

We spent the morning in church and then washed and unloaded the motor home, unloaded the boats, winterized the Klammath and the Bayliner, and now we are unloading all the goods we brought in. As soon as Steve gets in he will be making jam, baking caribou ribs, and making pico de gallo salsa. It never ends...winter will give us a break, we hope! Actually, we will be purging our home of all unnecessary stuff this winter. After blending our two families we have way more than our house can hold, so we are going to make a project of getting rid of junk this winter, old toys, clothes, furniture, etc. We also have to spend the better part of tonight preparing for the big day...October 6th. We do as much as we can to save $, we meet with Roy tomorrow to go over what we put together because I leave for Atlanta on Tuesday, yehoo!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a lot of fun and frolicking, even with all the work!
Take care, Heather

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