Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Have not blogged lately...

The last week of running club the kids played red light, green light! The 6th graders ran it and that was obvious from the torturous red light, red light they kept bullhorning.
Last Tuesday we were blessed to get a quick visit with Melanie on her way back from Mexico. We had a nice moose burger dinner then we picked up a frosty before she went back to the Sheraton to hang with hubby who had his wisdom teeth removed and was not up to a visit.

There was a fall festival at church this weekend. The kids had a blast, painting pumpkins, frosting cookies, face painting, etc. Steve, mom, dad, and I all played BINGO! Steve & I both got BINGO's, hence the cup and cookbook we got for prizes.
Last but not least, I attended the principal's conference at the Sheraton yesterday and hung out with a big girlie snake! The places my work takes me are so much fun...there was an alligator, turtle, and frog too! Today I am off to Service then tomorrow Aviation, yehoo! Things are pretty mellow here this week, lots of homework, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, projects galore. That's mellow for us! Hope y'all have a great week. ;-)

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  1. THAT'S a real snake WHOA! I thought it was a stuffed animal...great pics, it was great to see you guys of course! T is STILL is major pain....not a happy camper. Have a great rest of the week! Miss you!