Sunday, November 21, 2010

...weekend over way too fast

It was yummy!

We went to the valley and bought a snow machine this afternoon. What a view of the sunset on the way home, Anchortown was beautiful! Sad to say that was at 4p.m. When does it start getting lighter?

Steve and Marina went to the 5:01 dinner/service and confirmation and I have a moment to post. We had sushi/sashimi and shrimp Louis last night. I ate the leftover yummys for dinner tonight. A very relaxing weekend, we got to sleep in both days. I love lounging with hubby!

I leave to Las Vegas for a conference the Monday after Thanksgiving. I will visit the culinary program at UNLV too. I wish my husband could meet me there...sadly commitments keep us from fun couple stuff. Going to shower before the fam gets home.

Take it easy this week.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone &
Happy Birthday to Marina!
;-) Heather

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