Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventures @ Chitina & Meteor Lake

We found the flood!

The water was up further than I've ever seen,
anywhoo, we still got 7 reds overnight.

Due to the danger of fishing in the flood...
Steve stopped the wheel & raised it.

Yes, those are the wheels in the background,
about 200 yards out!
Steve is on an island here...
another 50 yards from solid ground. after dealing with all the wheel(s) issues, we left Chitina Saturday afternoon chasing nicer weather and less wind. There is always a bit of sunshine at our property, it sits in a bit of a sunbelt on the tops of yonder hills. After hearing big rain in bed Saturday night, we woke to blue skies, yehoo! Steve & I took an awesome hike around the lake, during which we found the spot where we want to build our future home. The property for sale next to ours has good points, but I'd rather buy a boat! Very soon...the boat fairy is coming...teehee! We're going to name it (TBA), happy happy joy joy!

A huge rainbow on the way to Chitina!
Right past the turnout to our property...

Sunny skies and a nice breeze...
to keep away mosquitoes.

A gun over his shoulder & a saw on his hip.
Ready for any kind of action!

She is such a seasoned traveler.

Finally all my posts are up and current.

Facebook mentioned not posting when you're going out of town, so I'm posting~ post! Not implying in anyway that everyone reading my blog isn't the most upstanding citizen. I am a bit naive in some ways...better safe than sorry! Hanging with my tired homey Hunter today.

Happy trails wherever they may lead! ~Heth

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