Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

Fun out in PWS,
until we tried to come home!

We tried a new bay for shrimping this weekend.
The water in the Fjord is unbelievably pretty.

Most excellent amount of shrimp ever...108 in one pot ~ AWESOME!
Our best haul was 94 shrimp before this trip!

We finally got an octopus! The kids have been wanting us to catch an octopus for years, unfortunately having an octopus in our pot meant he ate all of our shrimp. Forget the BLEEP'N octopus as far as I'm concerned. After I convinced Steve we didn't need to keep it, he threw it overboard and it shot ink everywhere. I was soo thankful it was off the boat when that happened.

We had to hole up in Culross Cove for almost a day to wait out the 6ft+ seas and huge winds that came out of nowhere on Monday. We were the only boat that was able to reach the Whittier Harbor Master for a while, so we were relaying messages from other boats trying to let loved ones know they'd be home when the weather permitted. There were so many Coast Guard calls going out too. Those dispatchers really are awesome on the radio.

We had a small window Tuesday morning to shoot home. The seas were still rough, but down to about three feet with chop. Mother Nature has a strong way of showing man who's boss! We made the 8 a.m. tunnel, Steve got to work, I got Hunter, and then we were off to Portland to have our family vacation with Marina. Hope the 4th was a good one for all.

Thanks be to God for bringing us all home safe!

Happy trails everyone ~Heather


  1. I have a stalker...what's up with that?

  2. Oh yea, and I forgot a brush on this trip...hence the hot hair!