Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a fantastic weekend!

What if ???This is the boat my husband would love to have!

A kitchen...

A dinette...

An outdoor biffy!


Brian & Yvonne's 40th Birthday bash!
Party Saturday at the Hacienda in Wasilla...

Me & my handsome hubby!

It was awesome to run into l'il Heather!

Jackie & Mike finally tied the knot!

Brian & Yvonne!

Brian, Lesa, and me!

Lesa & Jason!

Lesa & Conner!

Dave & Tabitha

Billy flew up from Vegas for the party!

The gang's all here!

Brian & Carrie

Shots were rampant!

My beautiful shamrock,
back to fullness after near death!

The weekend was great!
We worked out Friday, Saturday, Sunday and we will go today too. We also had another scrumptious meal of sashimi king salmon, panko shrimp, and salad last night. Probably not so good for losing weight, but oh so good! I am the most spoiled girl as far as meals are concerned. Steve hunts the meat, kills the meat, processes the meat, cooks the meat, and he shares with everyone, he is a babe. It is really rewarding to subsist for the greater portion of our protein, plus, it's sooo yummy! Hunter is home & we get Marina at five, looking forward to family time.

Happy Monday & have a great week!
Peace to everyone!

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