Thursday, January 7, 2010

The weekend's almost here...

Happy Thursday!

The beautiful shamrock Steve gave me.
It opens and closes daily.

The kids doing business...

Outside burning energy after school.

Marina's Rockhopper and Puffle sledding.

She's buried alive...

Lucky could care less...

Homework for dessert!

Our hump day was great!
We are moving towards a nice weekend with our kids.
Hope everyone else has a great day.
Happy trails, Heather


  1. cute pics...feels like it's time to visit you again!!

  2. Melly, Our family is starting to come together. It's less tense. Our time is more managed now. Marina is also doing really well. She has seen Barton every week.;-)
    I have been crazy filing stuff for court. Roy left state and I offered to do the work to save $. Would love to see you in any capacity. When is graduation for Derick?
    We miss you...maybe soon??? Love ya, Heth

  3. hey, sorry didn't see your reply! Glad things are better!! Roy isn't allowed to leave LOL.
    Derick graduated May 22! You gonna pop out??!!!??!?!?!?!?
    I'll start to have some trip again very soon. It's been since Thanksgiving...time to be mobile again!