Sunday, September 13, 2009

A hunting he will go...

Steve just left for the Denali Highway
about a half hour ago!
We got up at three this morning
to get him off and running before daylight.
First things first though, coffee in bed and lounge time.
He is sooo good to me. I love our time in the morning.
I was crying when he left...
he was yelling I love you all the way up Lake Otis.

I am going to my dear friend Luke's baptism today
and that is the extent of my plans.
Home alone and what to do?
Laundry, clean, organize, nah, I am going to take it easy.

I have been doing a lot of open houses the last week,
I will be next week too.
I love my job.
It's fun getting out and talking with parents & kids about life & opportunities.
I hope everyone in ANC is enjoying this drizzly weekend.
Happy trails to all our friends & family,
Hugs, Heather

1 comment:

  1. You guys are so cute!!
    16 more days until we're there again :)