Sunday, July 12, 2009

What an awesome weekend!

Home sweet home!
I am blogging now because we have about 40 lbs of meat to process tomorrow, as well as clean the house and make a big family dinner for Chris, Chuck, Doreen, Hunter, mom, and dad. Hunter will be home in the morning and Melly is coming tomorrow night until Thursday, double yehoo;-) Hunter and I are flying to Fairbanks on Thursday to see a dear friend we have not seen in eons. We may go to Alaskaland or Chena Lakes too.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

The view of our cove we slept in ...
My handsome husband ;-)
The shrimp are MONDO!Heading and counting our shrimp...
A humpback whale,
blowing and showing in the distance...

The halibut I caught while rock fishing!
Not a ping pong paddle like the last one.

The eagle came in for every carcass...
I got lots of pix for Hunter!

This one is for Marina... meet Crackers!
More meat for the freezer...
The big ones are like little lobsters.

Our biggest pull ever, 92 shrimp!


  1. Nice PICS!!!! WOW!! What fun the mini skirt on the boat too :) too adorable.

    Did you get my msg? I have to re-schedule? Stuck here, can't come over until later...boohoohoohoooohooooooo

  2. You made a pic at that site! Fun isn't it???
    They didn't call me to reschedule yet, I'll try them tomorrow!