Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Figuring out what to do next weekend...

Happy Tuesday!
We are home for now, Steve had to go back to work :-(
We spent the weekend in PWS looking for Lingcod & Shrimp...can't say that we found them. Shrimping was small and few, not sure what that was about. We did load up on rockfish and sea trout. The weather was awesome, warm and sunny. :-) Although we were sad to see the haze and to have to wonder where the fires were. Hunter and I have the rest of the week to lounge and we still need to figure out how we are spending next weekend. The weather will probably decide what we do.
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
Happy trails, Heather

Visiting with Jeremiah, we need to do more of that.Marina and I having lunch Friday before she went on vacation.
Getting ready to head out to PWS on Friday night, sans kids ;-)

Our beautiful cove where we bedded down each night around midnight!
An eagle for Hunter...
Dinner with a view!
Me and Steve...my handsome husband!
A very playful harbor seal,
who could have been confused with a ham...

Every night was so beautiful,
except the haze from the smoke of an unknown fire.
A wolf eel, little did we know it is just a fish that looks like an eel!
We could have kept the meat...

Rockfish and sea trout were plentiful.

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