Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back in Anchortown, again! ;-)

Happy trails everyone!

The weekend is coming quickly, looks like Steve & I will be home alone.
Michelle and Alexis are going home tonight due to the unmentionable...
Very sad that life is so difficult :-(
Things will come around, karma is a good thing!
We have a good life, just a lot of unnecessary
expensive bumps in the road.

I love my family and friends for all of their support.
Thank you!

Alana & I met at Peanut Farm for lunch!
Sarah Palin watch out...

Michelle, Alexis & Grandpa!
Launching the Klammath at Tangle Lakes.
Me & Michelle are babes in camo...
Alexis' first lake trout!
Hunter fly fishing! ;-)
Grandma and Alexis, yes she calls me grandma!
I love it!

Hunter and mom.
Steve was sooo happy with his elusive lake trout.
Not so elusive this year, we found a hole
Steve cleaning the days catch!
Hunter & Alexis are two peas in a pod too.
The lake looked like the ocean with chop.
A beautiful rainbow swatch...
Prepping to head to Chitina.
Roasting marshmallows the last night.
First thing in the morning the day of departure.
Check out the cotton...
Hunter went frog hunting at our secret lake.
I told him after the release that he would
get warts from touching the frog.
Good times, good times! ;-)

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