Monday, May 16, 2011

Our family...

then, now, & to come...

Hunter had his first weekend long Boy Scout trip to the Eklutna Camporee on Elmendorf! He sure came home tired, must have been a lot of work out there in the woods. Hunter got good color on his skin, goes nice with the new haircut Steve got 'em.

Brandon's totally edible cake, even the trees.

Brandon made this ring in Mr. Walsh' welding class at KCC. Sadly, I'm stuck with an old drum from our in-op dryer as a fire ring. Maybe someday we'll get Hunter or Steve into welding and they can make us some cool Alaskana stuff.

After spending Saturday prepping my truck, Steve and I brought home the new's so big compared to our lil' Trophy! I cleaned her up on the inside and made it ours! So nice to have a little more space. When the kids are finally off on their own, we'll invest in a 28' aluminum boat. That will be retirement time...yehoo!

After giving it a good cleaning.

Nancy's yummy marinade w/king & red

My beautiful bleeding heart!

Summer adventures r coming.
Happy trails from our home to yours!

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