Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going to be an awesome summer!

5 work days & I'm off contract for 2 months. Long weekends until then...I held over enough vacation for long weekends in August and for a moose hunt in September! Love Denali in the fall...

Girls just wanna have fun...

Marina had a ball at Pat & Shari's BBQ!

Steve & me too!

Saw some boys I haven't seen in a long time,
other than facebook, very cool :-)

Sold the Trophy...
just in time to get two new trailer axles,
new trailer tires, a life boat, float coats,
always something!

Gotta get new girl stickers for the new boat!

Steve at 20 mile hooligan fishing.

Saw a mama and twins on the way home.

Clean & going in the frying pan
& the smoker!

Marina was up til 4am at a slumber party
it showed!

I love composting and having such lush soil.

Seeds getting planted...

Getting the new boat sea worthy!

The kids were being CRAZY!

I took a walk then showed up at the school,
Hunter was like why are you here mom?
I told him I was there to pester them.

Last day of school...

the start of summer...

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