Friday, November 25, 2011

Our life...

We are thankful :-)

Eyeglass holder from Alexis and Michelle.

Thanksgiving at our house,
with our Alaska family!

the wind finally died down...
now I can wear my other new hair!

First good cut after chemo hair...

got the eBay wig bangs cut too...

Retired Alaska Airline girls!
well, all but one...

Braving the snow to meet the girls.

Steve is on it with our new snow blower.

Got to see the Help at Bear Tooth!
Love getting the booths in advance.

Mel & I caught up with Dyl...
on his way back to DUT!

We always end up buying guns?

I love Hunter's get up for scouts.

Bjorn's daughter Celeste!
Looks like mama and daddy.

best year ever...teehee!
My '69 Camaro rocks!
cannot wait to drive it...

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