Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Ho ha ha!

Are you done shopping yet? One more trip out for me, short n sweet I hope...
I'm going to surprise Steve with a special dinner of bacon wrapped scallops (dill/garlic) & shrimp (Cajun?) and fresh pineapple. I might pull a small piece of king for appetizer dinner for us. Using the oven since the bbq looks really COLD! Thanks to Hunter for taking care of the snow on the porch. And a special thanks to Kevin for the two boxes of wood out front this morning, yehoo for a fire tonight. Sans kids this eve, but they'll both be home at noon tomorrow. Tonight we'll be wrapping presents and eating yummers! Have a safe holiday weekend.

Love the blooms...tons of buds too.

Hunter went nuts taking pics
of an eagle circling our tree.

The eagle flew around several times,
Hunter was stalking it...

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