Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Anniversary Cruise ;-)

What an awesome trip!

20 years at Alaska Airlines...

Alaska Airlines employees system wide (minus flight attendants, who do their own thing), came to Seattle to celebrate anniversaries from 20-35 years. We went on a lunch cruise and had an awesome time! The weather was incredible too.

When we got to the Comfort Inn Tuesday night, there were 20 or so Alaska girls in the lobby whooping it was great to see all the familiar faces. The only thing I miss about Alaska Airlines is the people, thankfully I get to have an Alaska life being married to my handsome hubby. The best of both worlds I say! I have my most wonderful career at UAA and the Alaska affiliation, yehoo! Plus, the company seniority I enjoy being married to the dude.

We hung out with Eve & Tim.

Space Needle from a different vantage.

Anchorage had a very well represented presence.
This is just a sampling...

The boys were living on the edge, literally!

Steve and Mary

A perfect end to a perfect day.
On the run to the airport to relieve the caregivers.

Happy trails!

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