Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to the ol' grind tomorrow...

but for now,
happy Sunday!

Great news! STEVE PASSED his muzzle-loader proficiency test for his hunt on Ft. Richardson this fall/winter. What luck that he'll be home on our anniversary this year, only day hunting a few miles from home, yehoo! We'll be eating sushi I'm sure, especially if the good karma fairy shows up, we might even get presents.

Steve's been soaking a whole bunch of salmon in salt since Monday. He spent yesterday and today cutting the fat and skin off, then prepping 16 jars for his pickled silver salmon. I pray they turn out awesome with as much love as he put into them.

After two days of watching the BBC version of Walking with Dinosaurs I & II, we went to see the last showing of Walking with Dinosaurs at the Sullivan this afternoon! I'm really glad we bought nosebleed seats, definitely a kid event. Ice cream cones at McDonald's for dessert then home to watch more Walking with Dinosaurs before reading and bedtime.

Life is really good in our house!
Lots more fun stuff coming next week...yehoo!

Happy trails everyone.

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