Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Weekend Everyone!

It's Friday, Yehoo!

We get Marina today after school! Our family has BIG plans this weekend...parties galore and church. Then a really big week next week as well...Monday appointments x 2, Girl Scouts on Wednesday, Court on Thursday~ALL DAY~then next weekend my buddy Melanie and her daughter will be here for nine days...yehoo!

We are running low on caribou...which is the best meat! Steve is talking about a trip to Adak...not sure how that will pan out for us since our freezer is full of salmon, clams, shrimp and moose. I am sure we could figure something out if need be...but really no time to go to Adak. Hard to believe, but Christmas is almost here.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Hunter has played outside
everyday after school since it snowed!
He was very proud of the big snowball!
This was Hunter's first days work...
Hunter & Mom this morning...
I wore mascara and lipstick ;-)
I hardly ever wear mascara and
I wear lipstick about once every five years.
Going to make it more of a habit
We are babes!
I have a deal with the kids,
they always get at least one fun picture!

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