Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving's over, let shopping begin!

Good eats and nice family time!
Happy Thanksgiving!

For everyone but the beautiful turkey.
The stuffing was sooo good! I hope I can pull it off for Christmas since we are hosting and I am making the bird...we'll see. Steve will be at work until 4, so I will be home alone cooking. We get Marina from noon Christmas eve until noon Christmas day and Hunter goes to his dad at noon Christmas day. Hence the big family dinner on Christmas eve.

My lovely homemade apple pie!
Kendra and Jeremiah.
Hunter & Jeremiah!
Mom & Dad
Me and my Hunter.
Chuck and Doreen.
Digging out the pick up Hunter.
Hunter & I on Wednesday before school.

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  1. Nice pictures!! I especially love the cute one of C&D!
    It was great visiting last night as best as we could lol...
    I am feeling 90% better today. See you tomorrow!!!!