Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday...yipee ;-)

Hunter is a babe, so is mom!
Happy Friday. I went back to work Monday and was on the run the first two days. I am happy now to be back in my cubby. For our anniversary, Steve and I are trying to plan our first hunt together . We will go for moose first, then deer, and maybe caribou in December. I would love to go to Adak...we will see how much room we have in the freezer. The peeps will have to help us out if we need room. ;-)

We get Marina today ;-) and Hunter goes to his dad's for three days of vacation :-( Not sure what the weekend holds, blueberry picking in Talkeetna, silver fishing up north, both? Anywhoos, I am planning for a no stress weekend. My batteries need charging whatever I do. Long sleep in the motor home...we always sleep good when we are camping. Have a great weekend wherever you may be. Love and Gods Blessings, Heather
Hunter practicing his knot and roping skills.
I met up with Kathy in Eagle River.


  1. What a fun weekend you have planned (or not planned)...must be nice to actually be able to "go somewhere"...Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Have a fun weekend...we're going to be busy here too! Did you guys see the post about T's halibut?!! He was/is most excited!