Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Father's Day to hubby too...

We're so lucky!
Life is good...

New kitty condo!

Getting ready for our 1st PWS trip!

Made the last tunnel...yipee!

Getting out of the harbor!
Awesome seas for days and days...

Captain happy!

Beautiful scenery in this awesome place!

First pulls catch...yummers!

Octopus are ALWAYS a BAD sign :-(

Dahl porpoise

Our first trip to shore...EVER!

Loved hiking in new beautiful territory!

Caught my limit of snapper quick...
140 feet both times!

Shrimp Louis out in the ocean.
Nothing better, well,
almost nothing. heh heh!

the last days pull...

Love love love fresh spot shrimp!

Bird rookery in Whittier.

Last view before going through the tunnel.

On the run again...
summer is AWESOME!
Happy trails...

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