Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost summertime...

Last day at work!

Then we're off and running for the summer...

Love my shamrocks!
Always beautiful....

Dean's retirement party...
37 years with the Anchorage Fire Department!
Congratulations to the Fortain family!

We saw 10 caribou on the way to our property.

My handsome husband!
The last two weeks have been like a honeymoon.

Just got Lucky...
and she is so lucky to have us!

We taped all of the boundaries of our property.
Next, clearing a trail for the four wheeler...

Our building site!

Always have good eats...
we are so spoiled!

Blessed with a lot of the wildlife,
and then saddled with a loon,
we got skunked fishing for trout.

The loon on the other hand,
got his share, and ours!

Wrangell Mountains!
Beautiful view from our driveway...

Finally checked out the Alascom Road.
Saw more wildlife...
windy and cold off the mountains!

Weiner Lake...
just a pit stop.
Good intentions of fishing,
but once we're on the road home,
it's best not to let the grass grow!

Driving into Anchortown at five p.m.
Thanks goodness we are going the right way!
heh heh!

A very quiet summer sans kids.
Sneaking suspicion when one comes home,
a blindside will follow!
Thank goodness I can read minds...

Hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend!
Safe summer travels to all.
Happy trails and trials...

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