Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our world tour - part seven ;-)

Prince William Sound
for a whole weekend!

Steve caught 2 silvers on herring jigs,
they're so small, it's hard to believe!

Jigging for herring before our trip.

There are bear on Knight Island!

We went out further than we ever have.

The beautiful cove we slept in...

Going out to check the pots,
in new uncharted territory,
for us anywhoo!

Well, the second pot yielded an eel!
Steve cannot stand eels...

Back to the barn after our 1st soak.

Steve's first PWS halibut.
Sooo happy for him!

Weather prompted us to move closer in,
pulled all the pots and then
dropped them in an old favorite place.
Spent the night in Surprise Cove.

Silvers are HOT right now!

The garden is doing pretty good!
No sun to speak of...

Cucs are coming along...

this is the end of this adventure.

Still need to clean & put away the boat.
We are done spending $ on boating this year.
Moose hunting season is COMING QUICK!

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