Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another day in paradise!

In the kid's ward at Providence

Child Abuse Prevention Month
So many children in need
our prayers go out to them.

Wow, Marina was home for a week with the flu and the day she goes back to school, Hunter is admitted to Providence for a burst appendix. He has been suffering with this for a year and we didn't even know...his appendix burst three or four days before we knew that too. The pain from the peritonitis was what got us to the hospital.

1st step, CT scan with barium and iodine...

His tree was full of bags and boxes.

Girl Scouts Lock In at the Alaska Club
9 p.m. Saturday - 5 a.m. Sunday

Hunter's 11th birthday!

His birthday, the day he got to eat jello,
his eyes were bigger than his tummy.

Pet therapy for the kids.

Hunter got to hang with Snickers.
They treat kids awesome at Prov.

Wouldn't it be nice if
everyone cared about the children.

Will post again soon.
The end!

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