Thursday, February 17, 2011

...happy dance ;-)

Hardly time to post anymore...

we love celebrating!

Our first new treadmill is almost put together downstairs...yea! Hopefully Steve will finish putting it together tonight. Wellness goal: four pounds in four weeks. We've been eating pretty good, but we've got to get more cardio, more often. We bought an elliptical that we need to pick up, maybe Sunday after church. Our incentive/reward: new 32" flat screen for the workout area. Sears had a family & friends night last Sunday. The same day we priced out treadmills, good for Sears, thanks for the mileage.

Steve just ordered six new tires from Costco
for the motor home, to the tune of $1157. No mileage with that transaction, darn it. I'm hoping our friend Kevin will do the brakes for us...Steve can help with the labor. We've got to be ready to head out for clams in April!

We had a really good parent teacher conference last night. Both kids are doing well. Marina's teachers all said she is in the groove. We are really proud of both kids.

Hunter & Marina got the boot!

...and they will again today,
fresh snow,
come one, come all!

the end!
Thanks again ASD for the two 1/2 days and the extra long it!
It's really Friday and we have a lot to be thankful for...;-)

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