Saturday, January 8, 2011

Scout Weekend!

Very spoiled!

The kids finished up Christmas last night.

Hunter borrowed his dad's IPod Nano.

Steve is getting a new 20" Stihl, his belated Xmas. To chop down trees on the property! We finally dug out the area out front, the first time all winter. The motor home needs to be accessible. She's getting new brakes and rubber in the next month or so. That will feel good. We put a lot of miles on her in our travels. We're planning a trip to the property for spring break, which will be here before ya know it...the April clam tide is on the books now too. Both kids have swimming engagements for scouts this weekend, one at UAA today and one at H2Oasis tomorrow. Steve is working on Saturday now, so our routine is changing a bit. Rockfish for dinner tonight, per the chef. Sunday school and Confirmation start tomorrow, so the weekend is BOOKED. Life is good. Looking forward to the long weekend in a couple weeks, sans kids. We look forward to a fun summer in a new boat, if the right one comes along...the family would be so stoked!

It's sure nice to have time to post.
Peace be with you.

Happy trails,
wherever they may lead.
I'm off like a herd of turtles.

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