Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Thursday!

At our secret spot...

A huge red we thought was a king!

The secret spot again...

Chitina in the evening...beautiful, even with wind and silt .

Steve with a king!

The awesome fishwheel!

The family on this trip...

Hunter on the last trip with Steve and Marina!

An overcast day in I can blog without guilt ;-)

We made it home from the wheel with 30 reds and 2 kings. The scenery was beautiful, plus it got to 80 degrees. We had two whole days with sun and NO wind! The wind made up lost time at night blowing like a hurricane! The fish were fresh when we left, so we took our time and fished our way home. We found a "secret lake" on the way. As you can see from the pics, it was a beautiful and perfect place to camp and fish!

Mel & gang are coming soon...gotta get ready!


  1. Wow! GREAT pics Steve looks so tan already, vacation is good huh? LOVE the sunset shot too! hurry back out there....You get to go later today????

  2. We got Hunter back two days early, so we could leave tomorrow if we get all the court stuff done!