Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our world tour - part three!

Oregon, USA

Mike & Carolyn's picnic!

love the shirts...

nice to see everyone!

Marina & Alexis showed up...

Michelle & dad!

Alexis is a babe!

love the barn & the decor!

The kids loved the swing...

and everything else...

Saw 2 mama & 2 baby deer on the way.

Marina loved riding the horse!

Up next...our tour of PWS!
Happy trails...

Our world tour - part two!

Oregon, USA
Tim, Luke Bryan & The Band Perry

Three rows back from the stage!

Private performance with free beer!

Before the concert!
Steve & I ate on the way home,
ran into someone who knew my niece!
Such a small world...

In Gaston, eating at the ACE!

Ate 2x at the ACE!
Yummiest burgers ever...
cannot wait to try the ribeye!
On to the next post ;-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our world tour - part one!

Chitina, Alaska

The wheel after a day & a half of work!

Me and hubby loving life...

One fish in three days...

Last day's haul.

Our family!

Steve wanted this property BAD!
I was an unemployed college girl at the time...

Hunter got a trout!

The moon and view!

Four days into Chitina,
I finally made it to Uncle Toms!

I resemble this remark!

Lucky usual!

I make the most divine Kalbi & shrimp!

Visited the ships!

Most excellent husband present!

Garden a la Brekke ;-)
Thanks for the rain!

Next thing you know,
off to Portland,
2nd leg of our world tour!
Getting the boat ready next...cannot wait!
More adventures to come...
Take it easy...Heth